Blackjack, some of you rather know the game as vingt-et-un? You see, blackjack is a derived version of vingt-et-un and everybody had played this game once in his life, either at home, either at a local café, either at a casino. 36Win too offers you a chance to play this game: it’s an exciting and tactical game, which will charm you without a doubt!


Blackjack – History in a nutshell
Blackjack’s predecessor is known as “21” (like mentioned before, the modern version of blackjack is also known as “21”, but this refers to a slightly other game with the same denomination). The exact origin of blackjack is not known, but the first reference to the game can be found in a book of a certain Miguel de Cervantes, namely Don Quichot, which dates from the 16th century. In this book several characters were seen as cheaters in a game called Ventiuna: that’s right, twenty-one in Spanish. Moreover, the book talks about the rules of play, which resemble the blackjack game we all know today.

In the US, the casino’s offered special bonuses in order to entice players. Thanks to the most popular bonus the player in question won money when receiving a hand consisting of a black jack and the ace of spades. This hand was known as… blackjack! The bonus was left behind, but the name itself continued to exist and this to this very day.



Blackjack rules
Blackjack is played with one or more packs of 52 playing cards with a view to win from the dealer (or bank). The players need to gain 21 points or a score close to this 21 points. If you get more than 21 points, the game is finished with this consequence that you lose your stake.

Each playing card has its score:

The illustrated cards – King, Queen, Jack – have a score of 10 points

The ace leaves you a choice between 1 point or 11 points

The value of the other cards depend on their number

But when do you have a “Black Jack”? Well, at the start of the game each player receives 2 playing cards. Do you have 21 with those two cards? Then you have won and then you have a real “Black Jack”. The bank pays you half of your stake! If nobody has 21, everybody can ask for a extra card. The bank quits at 17 or higher and then the playing cards of the players are compared with his cards. Do you have a higher total score? Then you can keep your stake and you play for “free”.



Blackjack strategy
Some professionals like to “count cards”, which means that they remember if there are high or low cards in the pack. In other words, they keep up with the cards that already have been played or not. For this to happen, three basic rules are common:

The bank has a 2 or a 3: pass at 13 or higher

The bank has a 4, a 5 or a 6: pass at 12 or higher

The bank has a 7 or higher: pass from 17 points



Blackjack tips
Below you’ll find some tips and tricks to play a successful blackjack game:

Play mathematically

You have to follow the basic strategy and as few as possible your feelings and intuition. Leave your superstition behind and try to follow the entire game at a mathematical way.

Don’t choose the option assurance.This option is considered to be the dumbest bet, given that it’s about an extra stake that the dealer has a blackjack. Most of the time this isn’t the case and this option costs you nothing but money.

Keep an financial statement. If you have control of your money, then you’re practically guaranteed of a profitable game. Never play along on a table with more than a twentieth of your money and you’ll see that your money plays along for a lot more time.



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