Dice games are the most popular games in the Belgian gaming halls. On 36win Online Casino you will find the largest offer of legendary gaming machines. We are proposing Games such as Spinning Cube, Wonderland and Diamond Jungle.
Not only luck and chance have influence on your profit, a strategic approach is essential to raise your chances to a bonus. That’s why they are called skill games.

Play our dice games and win up to €500!! The purpose of the game is to create the winning combination of 3 dices. Just like in the Belgian gaming halls, the challenge is to win Mystery Games. With those games you can maximize your profit up to €500 per game! Play and win with our Dice Games.


Dice Slots

Are you not only a fan of the more classic casino games – like blackjack, poker, roulette and dice games – but also of the well-known gambling machines? Then 36Win is the place to be! We offer you online dice slots and this in all kinds of variants for an optimal play pleasure!


You will find various types of poker at 36win Online Casino, such as: Joker Party, Jacks or Better, Aces and Faces, Double Double Bonus Poker, etc.
Play now and surprise us with your poker skills!


Blackjack, some of you rather know the game as vingt-et-un? You see, blackjack is a derived version of vingt-et-un and everybody had played this game once in his life, either at home, either at a local café, either at a casino. 36Win too offers you a chance to play this game: it’s an exciting and tactical game, which will charm you without a doubt!


Enjoy an additional opportunity to win, without having to do anything at all, thanks to the 36WIN Super Jackpot!
A thrilling Jackpot connects all 36WIN dice games and is composed out of different levels, depending on your stake. 
The Jackpot is a true upgrade for your game ! Good luck on 36WIN.be !

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