Detective Dice Jackpot

Choose the stake you like to play for your next game. You can adjust the stake at the start of every new game, except during Mystery games. If you decide not to adjust anything, you will by default play with the stake of the previous game.    Click the ‘Start’ button to start your game. You will now be shown 3 dice in the middle of your screen. You have to decide where to place the dice by clicking on one of the 4 square boxes. You now have to form combinations by aligning the same dice in a diagonal or horizontal way.    The values of the winning lines are shown in the points table. At the end of every game, the points are calculated based on this points table.    Filling a box with 9 identical dices gives you a bonus of 200 points. By scoring points in 3 of the 4 boxes, your score will be multiplied by 1,5. By scoring points in all 4 boxes, your score will be multiplied by 2. 
Aligning 3 ‘Detective’ dice will redirect you to a bonus round where you can earn extra points.
When the bonus round starts you will be taken to the street in front of you, where you have choose between one of the five locations (the bar, the casino, the hotel, the tattoo shop and the pizzeria), each of them representing a different kind of bonus game.
At the bar you must point your gun at one of the bottles and shoot it with a mouse click. The game stops when you can’t shoot any longer. The obtained points will be added to your total.
Click the start-button to start the reels. The obtained amount of points will be added to your total.
The elevator takes you to the second floor. Once you reach your destination you must choose one of the 4 doors. The amount of points hidden behind that door will be added to your total.
In the tattoo shop you have a screen with 20 frames and will be asked to turn them one by one. The bonus game ends as soon as a pair is formed. The amount of this pair will be added to your total
You have 9 pizza boxes who will open automatically. When 3 identical pizza’s appear at the marked profit lines, you win the points for that kind of pizza. At the end of the bonus game the total points will be added to your total.
Scoring 1000 points or more in a single game gives you 10 ‘Mystery’ games (also called Mysteries).   Those games have higher prizes compared to regular games. You will be able to check the amounts in the prize table.


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