Live Roulette


Make your best guess where the ball will land after the wheel has spun. There are 37 numbers to choose from and any number of betting combinations to make. Win big if you made the right call on where to find the ball!

How to Play

  • 1. To place a bet click one of your chips to select it, and then click the field you want to bet on.
  • 2. To remove a bet from the table, click CLEAR LAST button. Alternatively, click CLEAR ALL to clear all bets from the table.
  • 3. Timer show the betting interval, when betting time is finished, you will see announce "No more bets".
  • 4. Automatic Roulette spins the roulette wheel and flips the ball.
  • 5. When the ball comes to rest, the winning number is announced. Losing bets are collected and winning bets are paid out. This concludes the current game round.
  • 6. A new game round is started and you can place your bet. To repeat your previous bet, click REBET.
  • 7. When you came on the table you can see ?Waiting for new game?, then please wait until new bet cycle will be started.


Betting in roulette

All bets are placed before the "No more bets" announcement. You cannot place a bet after "No more bets" was announced. There are two types of bets in Roulette, Outside bets and Inside bets. To find the bet fields move your mouse pointer over the layout. Highlighted number squares indicate which numbers the bet covers. Additionally, we offer "the French bets", which cover a section of the wheel. You can bet a set amount per series. The series are based on the number sequence positioned in each portion of the wheel. To find the bet fields, hover your mouse over the box. We offer the following system bets:

  • - Serie 5/8
  • - Orphelin
  • - Serie 0/2/3
  • - Zero
  • - Number and the neighbours

Winning in Roulette

After the wheel is spun and the ball lands in one of the numbered pockets, the winning number is announced. The marker (dolly) is placed on that winning number on the table layout and the History board updates. The History board lists the last 14 winning numbers. Red numbers are listed on the right side in red and black numbers are listed on the left side in yellow. 0 is listed in green down the center of the board.

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