Roulette multiplayer

A multiplayer roulette game is similar to other roulette games and has the same, simple goal: obtaining as much money as possible thanks to your lucky number or a combination of numbers.

Multiplayer advantages

When you take part in a multiplayer roulette game, you’ll see that you’ll have the time of your life when playing it. You see, such game combines social interaction with the excitement and suspense of gambling on a multiplayer roulette table!

Roulette versus addiction

Roulette can change into an addictive game relatively quick, surely in “the company” of other players. That’s why we advise you to play calmly at the beginning, so that you can master and enjoy the entire game, without focusing too much on money and profit. Choose wisely and do not play an entire day, but bit by bit. Playing for money is fun, but there’s a limit to everything!

Online roulette multiplayer

36Win offers you the chance to experience a roulette multiplayer game by an online button. If you click on this button, you’ll have to fill in your data by means of registration. Take up this challenge today!


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