Samurai Madness

General information

Samurai madness is a dice slot with five columns with each three dices. You can count on gaining profit, when you succeed in lining up correctly the dices beginning from the left column. Samurai madness is not a classic dice game, but an exotic variant. You’re not only playing with dices, but also with tiles, which mention several symbols, each with their own value.

How to play Samurai Madness

Samurai madness is played on twenty fixed lines. The stake value of these lines can be determined by using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons. You can start a game by clicking on the ‘play’ button and this with your own chosen bet. With the help of the ‘max bet’ button, you have the possibility to play with a maximal stake or bet. The ‘auto’ play button lets you choose the number of games, which automatically will be played.

In the paytable, you can take a look at the different profits per possible winning combination. Only the highest profit per stake line is being paid out and you can only gain profit with at least three successive dices per line, starting from the left column.

The dice with the mentioning ‘wild’ replaces any other dice. Next, a ‘roll down’ signifies that one or multiple combinations appear. The so-called winning dices explode and are being replaced by new ones. With each ‘roll down’ your profit-multiplier enhances by one step. If your profit-multiplier reaches the maximal number of steps, he keeps on applying to the next games, until a game without profit occurs. In this situation, the profit-multiplier returns to his initial stage.

Possible bonus

Samurai madness has a possible bonus, called ‘lucky drops’, which are supplementary games with a higher profit factor. Each stake line with 3+ ‘wild’ dices, starting from the left column, gives you access to these ‘lucky drops’.

The value of the number of ‘lucky drops’ needs to be determined with the help of a bonus game, during which u need to make a choice out of three vases. The samurai will break the vases in order to show you the total ‘lucky drops’ that you’ve won.

Moreover, you can win extra ‘lucky drops too during the ‘lucky drops’ bonus games. At the end of the ‘lucky drops’ modus, your total profit is being added to any possible profit of the main game.

The multipliers during the ‘lucky drops’ are the following: X3, X6, X9 and X18.

Samurai madness with 36Win

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